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AIDFI BioGas Distiller & Water Pump Technologies

For INQUIRIES on AIDFI BioGas’s (Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Inc.) Ram Pump and other ‘green products’.

Biogas: a technology that converts wastes of pigs into methane gas that can be used for cooking stove, electricity and biofertiliser. The park has a 10 m3 biogas plant and is fed by 10 pigs. AIDFI can set up 3, 5 or 10 m3 plant.

Essential Oil Distiller: is for steam distillation of lemongrass, citronella, vitiver, eucalyptus, ginger, ylang-ylang, etc. It has a capacity of 100 kgs. AIDFI will fabricate distiller for any group provided they are sure of their product and has a good market.

AIDFI BioGas Treadle Pump: also known as “tapak-tapak” pump. This foot pump delivers a good volume of water. The pressurized model can deliver to an overhead tank with 10-15 meters height. The suction is limited to around 8 meters. The pump uses gasket from jetmatic pumps.

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AIDFI BioGas – Our Story

AIDFI was the brainchild of four (4) … (different pumps for drinking and irrigation), energy (biogas, hydro and wind), sanitation (latrines) …

The Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Inc., or AIDFI BioGas in brevity, was the brainchild of four (4) persons who rose from the ranks of the National Federation of sugar workers (NFSW), a labor organization that focuses in organizing and educating the sugar workers. It was in the heap of the sugar industry downfall and crisis in Negros.

The union went from a farm lot program into the new land reform program and considering its nature of organizing and educating, this program became too big for the union. The four persons wanted to focus on providing basic services to agrarian reform communities through appropriate technologies and agricultural services and therefore started AIDFI as a Non-Government Organization (NGO). AIDFI BioGas was established and registered as a NGO on July 4, 1992 with registration no. ENO92000214 at the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The need in the agrarian reform communities was huge since most land reformed areas were situated in mountainous areas, far from government services. Most basic services were absent. AIDFI went into many different programs and projects like: organisational support, agricultural support (seeds, fertiliser and carabao dispersal), sanitation (latrine construction), health (homeopathic medicine making) and day care.

After realizing that production needs marketing as well, AIDFI went into buying and selling of crops produced in the partner associations, like bananas (Balangon) and different root crops. This went on for several years but was very hard to sustain. via Our Story | AIDFI

The AIDFI Techno Park is an area where different technologies, … AIDFI or Alternative Indeginous Development Foundation Inc. was founded in the …

AIDFI BioGas Technology Exhibits

Hydraulic Ram pump: This technology converts the energy falling water has due to its velocity into pressure, allowing the water to be pumped upwards. The process does not require any fuel or electricity. It is patented by AIDFI BioGas and is their flagship technology. It has won several awards including Al Gore’s Ashden Award, the European Parliament’s Energy Globe Award, and the DoE Philippines Green Award.

AIDFI BioGas, Distiller & Water Pump TechnologiesTreadle Pump: Also known as the ‘tapak-tapak’ is also a pump for shallow wells, upto 8 metres deep. It delivers good volumes of water. It has different models. The pressurized model can for example deliver water to a tank at a height of 10-15 meters.

Bush Pump: A rigid, heavy-duty hand pump used for deep wells. It can serve 100 households and go up to 100 metres deep.

Rope Pump: This pump is more suitable for shallow wells. It is very successful in Latin America. It is very cheap and also protects wells from contamination.

Hydropower: Hydropower is power obtained from moving water, which is converted into electricity. There are several different types of turbines to achieve this. Cross flow, pelton, and propeller hydropower turbines are displayed in the park.

Biogas: A technology that converts pig waste into electricity, biofertiliser or methane gas used for cooking stoves. AIDFI produces 3, 5 or 10 m3 plants. The park exhibits a 10 m3 plant, which requires the waste of 10 pigs.

Windmill: The park displays a VIRYA windmill, which can provide upto 800 watts of electricity. It is ideal for rural households and particularly useful for battery charging.
Rice Hull Stove: The rice hull stove is a stove fuelled by rice hully. It is very simple and highly economical, especially in areas where rice farms are abundant.

Essential Oil Distiller: The park displays a steam distiller, that can distill plants such as lemongrass, citronella, vitiver, eucalyptus, ginger, ylang ylang, amongst others. It has a capacity of 100kg. Should businesses show there is demand for their distilled product, AIDFI will fabricate the distiller.

Rotary Weeder: The weeder works by creating oxygenation of the soil while at the same time burying weeds. It is ideal for weeding of rice farms.

Grass Chopper: It can be used for cutting grass, sugarcane, leaves, or corn stalks for composting or feed for livestock. It runs on a 3HP electric motor of 5HP engine.

Ferro Cement Technology: is a cheap and space saving facility used for building small agricultural infrastructures. It is made of mesh wire plastered with a mixture of cement and sand.

Agricultural Technologies: AIDFI BioGas include systems of rice intensification, vermin-culture, propagation of endemic trees and fruit trees including madre de aqua (20% protein) a good organic food for livestock. … via AIDFI Techno Park – Akvopedia

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