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Double Membrane Biogas Holder Project for UK Farm in Scotland

The details of Biogas Holders are explained here.

Double Membrane Biogas Holder Project for UK Farm in Scotland. Watch the video to find out the work is being done…

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Membrane biogas holder(Membrane biogas tank, biogas bag, biogas box, biogas container,biogas container, biogas collector etc.) comes from Euro,and which has been widely used in western countries. The well designed system has many irreplaceable advantages than the traditional biogas storage in China, and it also can be regarded as a tendency. Many customers who have ever used this system,they all feel greatest satisfied.

1. Main material: Biogas special-used membrane material is made of highly tear-resistant polyester fabrics and generally it can be divided into inner membrane and outer membrane. Detailed information, please call us. via

Amoco Biogas Holder Roundup

Our biogas storage tank could be located on concrete foundation slab,also on the top of fermenter/digester tank, it also can be used as a cover for fermentation cylinder. This saves much money. Meanwhile, we have taken many advanced technologies to make our storage system to function well and have a long lifespan. via

The Amoco biogas holder is made of high-strengthened, high-elastic synthetic engineering membrane and of perfect anti-acid and anti-corrosion ability. The biogas specific membrane had been widely used in foreign energy treatment, sewage treatment and other industries. This has been tested that the service life is at least 15 years. via

The Vietnam Household Biogas Project is installing biogas systems across Vietnam which use waste from household cattle and pigs to create electricity for the home. This one-of-a-kind project is spreading renewable energy to households across Vietnam.

AGAMA Biogas presents the BiogasPro, the state of the art small biogas digester with international acclaim. Biogas digesters in South Africa. via

The steel mould is applied to construct the concrete digester of the Chinese hydraulic biogas plant. The assembly is very convenient, and the structure of the mould is firm. It is only one day to build the Chinese hydraulic biogas plant with the steel mould.

The Chinese-type model digester is comprised of a cylindrical body, two spherical domes, inlet pit, out let pit and an inspection opening. the digester is made using cement and bricks and it is a permanent structure. Just as in the Indian digester this has two drains to feed waste and to collect the composted waste. via …

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