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Landia GasMix Mixer Improves Biogas Plant Efficiency

Landia GasMix is ​​a very special stirring system for anaerobic biogas digesters – commonly called reactor tanks or rattan tanks.

Cash Benefits of Landia GasMix

Landia GasMix has all mechanical components located outside the tank. It is not necessary to open the tank for service or repair of the Landia GasMix system. In addition to the purely safety benefits of never having to open a tank of gas, there are of course also economic benefits: biogas production continues unimpeded during service on the GasMix system!

Stirring with Landia GasMix works by recycling a mixture of liquid and biogas into the tank. This not only keeps the thought mixed up – it also contributes to a better biogas quality with a higher biogas production.

The Landia GasMix Mixer Improves Biogas Plant Efficency by providing a unique 3D mixing action which with its included chopper pump also macerates large particles and pieces of crust (also known as “hard-pan” which may build-up on the top of the biogas reactor tank within any biodigester. Not only that it includes a venturi aspirated biogas mixing cycle which uses stored biogas from above the tank to help with purging and general mixing/ crust break-up.

The Landia GasMix system includes a simple gas purging cycle which is great for breaking up the floating scum, which may otherwise build-up into a hard crust if not dissipated and impair biogas formation.

By providing proper mixing the Landia GasMix also leads to a healthier biomass within the anaerobic digestion system, leading to e better quality biogas of higher calorific value = better digester efficiency.

Not only that, the Landia GasMix system is easily installed whether into a new tank, or an existing one. It is externally mounted, and requires no tank strengthening to support it in the way that top mounted mixers do.

This saves on access platforms and ladders which are simply not needed in the GasMix system.

This has very pleasant knock-on benefits in improved safety, and reduced biogas digester plant down-time as there is no need to enter the tank for maintenance.

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The Landia GasMix system is playing a leading role in significantly improving gas yields

Landia is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of: chopper pumps, propeller mixers, aeration systems and advanced process equipment.

Landia supplies pumping and mixing solutions to many different industries, with the most important ones being agriculture, wastewater, biogas plants and the fish industry. In general, you will find Landia’s products wherever there is a difficult medium to be pumped or mixed.

Landia survives by selling quality solutions in close partnership with the customers. Landia is not a supermarket where customers select products from the shelves. Our technical sales people are always in close discussions with customers, which ensures solutions that work. via Pumps and Mixers by Landia A/S

Landia GasMix’ externally-mounted digester mixing system is proving to be an integral part of EPS Water’s successful Design Build Operate (DBO) package

How Does a Biogas Plant Work? using the Landia GasMixEPS Water’s process for the WWTW, which caters for a population equivalent (PE) of 45,000 and a sludge treatment capacity of 80,000 PE, includes two sludge digesters with duty/stand-by CHP, sludge holding tanks, sludge drier and all associated works.

A leader in infrastructure support services, including design and build for the water sector, EPS Water introduced Landia GasMix for its reliability, gas yield enhancement and easy maintenance, as EPS Regional Operation Manager Gerald Buckley explains:

“For our client, Irish Water, Landia GasMix not only produces more methane than other systems, but it does so much quicker because it mixes the whole tank properly, leaving no crust on the surface”.

He added:  “We have found the GasMix unit to be extremely reliable. Easy access to the pumps ensures staff carry out routine maintenance efficiently and safely, thereby avoiding downtime. At EPS we deliver mission-critical products for the very best, long-term technical solutions – and Landia GasMix meets that requirement as a system we know can rely upon for its efficiency and performance”.

via The right blend at Tullamore, Ireland – GasMix

Landia GasMix Around the Web

All the mechanical components of the Landia GasMix are located outside the tank. It is not necessary to open the tank for servicing or when repairing the Landia GasMix system. Beyond the safety benefit of never having to open a tank of gas, there are naturally also economic benefits: the production of biogas can continue running unimpeded during a GasMix system service!

In recognition of the success of its GasMix digester mixing equipment at the acclaimed Richgro AD plant near Perth, Landia was applauded by the independent panel of judges for the considerable part it has played in the first renewable energy site of its kind in the whole of Australia. The externally-mounted GasMix system was chosen by Richgro for its enhanced gas yields, ease of service and reduction in volatile solids. For pre-treatment, GasMix also reduces viscosity by 30% (as tested by the University of Aarhus in Denmark) and is energy-efficient, usually only needing to run for 7-10 minutes in the hour, so the consumed power is just one-sixth of the installed power.

A total of four Landia GasMix systems serve two 2500m3 digesters, utilising 18.5kW chopper pumps to generate a total of 700m3 gas per hour. Total mixing is achieved via specially angled recirculation nozzles. Compared to many energy-burning systems that have to run flat-out, 24/7, Landia’s GasMix at Piddlehinton only needs to operate for approximately 10 minutes per hour. Despite using 18.5kW motors, compared to typical 7.5kW submersible units, GasMix has been shown to use 50% less energy than the previous system.

Anaerobic digestion is the simple, natural breakdown of organic matter into biogas (carbon dioxide and methane) and organic fertiliser called digestate. It is a similar process to that which takes place in the stomach of a cow.

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