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This electrical power generator is ideal for use as a home biogas generator, with a low-noise level, and high quality electrical output suitable for supplying all electrical and electronic devices.

This generator can be powered with biogas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and other alternative energy sources. Using alternative energy power sources such as biogas from anaerobic digestion brings the advantages of using this unit as a clean pollution-free fuelled Home Biogas Generator, and costs less than diesel, gasoline etc. Promote environmental protection with this generator, especially with expected rises in diesel and gasoline fuels, coming soon.

Natural gas is more than 90% pure methane and the resulting exhaust is really just carbon dioxide and water vapour. That means that the atmosphere is almost free free sulfur dioxide and small particulate matter when you use this generator in conjunction as an electricity source from a  home biogas generator.

Suitable for use as a Home Biogas Generator part of a large home biogas digester or community anaerobic digestion plant project

This home biogas generator is also soundproofed to drop the noise levels emitted by more than 70%.

This is a durable generator, no fuel contamination and with a corresponding increase in the engine’s life. Can be used in superior waveform distortion rate countries. The quality of the output power is designed to satisfy the stability requirements of the electricity output from this generator, so that it is suitable for supplying any electronic and electrical product.


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AC Three Phase



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