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DR-A600 combustible gas detectors for flammable toxic gas production, transportation , storage, filling and use of the environment, dangerous gas concentration detection limit . Corresponding alarm output signals and control signals to prevent accidents after a gas leak. DR-A600 -type gas alarm controller and the DR-A600 model supporting the use of gas detectors . DR-A600 -type gas detectors, allowing for a place with explosion-proof requirements.

The product from the detector and controller, used between the detector and the controller three core shielded cable or ZRRVV three-core cable .


Product Features :

Advanced microprocessor technology , explosion-proof design, fast, reliable and stable.

12-30V power supply , on-site concentration display , sound and light alarm

4-20mA output signal of the analog signal ( standard ) or RS485 bus or relay outputs.

Fast response , high accuracy

Best performance and lower installation costs, low maintenance costs


Technical parameters:

Range :0-100% LEL

Accuracy : u003c± 5% (F.S)

Minimum reading : 1% LEL

Response time : 40

Sensor type : catalytic combustion

Power supply : 12-30V power supply

Detection method: Diffused

Work: Long-term continuous operation

Connectivity : M20 * 1.5 thread

Cable Specifications: Model RVVP3 × 1.0mm2

Signal transmission distance : 1000

Structural Materials : Aluminum

Explosion-proof mark : Exd II CT6

Protection: IP65

Working temperature : -20 ~ 50

Humidity : 95% RH ( non-condensing )

Size : 183 × 140 × 75mm

Weight : 1.0kg

Note: The above data depends on the environmental conditions.






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