A handy pocket-sized portable biogas leak detector which can be used by anaerobic digestion plant and biogas plant/ digester operatives to provide a warning alarm if there is explosive gas (including methane) present, to check for safe entry and while they work.

Every biogas plant site needs a portable biogas leak detector  as a basic safety check to allow staff to take suitable action if there is gas present in any working area. This is essential equipment to ensure the safety of all anaerobic digestion plant workers, and this portable biogas leak detector must be regularly checked for correct calibration.

Device also detects methane and all combustible gases.

Portable Biogas Leak Detector With Detachable Sensor Head

The flexible sensor head feature is a useful feature when looking for small leaks in a gas pipe, as it can be moved up and down the area where the leak is suspected and by doing this the location of even a very small leak can be found accurately.

There have been many accidents at biogas digesters in recent years and a large number of them have been due to a lack of observance of basic health and safety precautions. It is  essential to use basic health and safety precautions to ensure that all those people that work close to explosive gases such as biogas (methane) can detect a danger from the presence of a gas. This includes gases such as biogas (pure methane is odourless), and take measures to avoid accidents.

Biogas presents hazards from not only explosions, but also asphyxiation, and on occasions can cause “flash-over” effects which can injure by burns to those in the area of the incident. Therefore, to maintain a fully calibrated and accurate  portable biogas leak detector like this is not an option. It is essential. This model has a very low cost. That means that there is no longer any reason why any site where there are explosive gases present cannot now have its own  portable biogas leak detector. Using gas detectors  correctly can save many accidents which would otherwise have been causing injury and even death.

Additional information

Warm-up time:

<110 seconds




LED lights

Reaction time:

≤1 second

Measurable gas:

biogas, natural gas, coal gas, methane, and other flammable gases

Alarm limits:

10% LEL

Adjustable sensitivity:


Low battery indication function:



0-50 deg

Sensor type:


Product Weight:


Product size:

234 * 86 * 46mm

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