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WANGEN Pumps for your Biogas Production Facility

WANGEN pumps for your biogas production

WANGEN KL-S pumps can be used with all liquid substrates:
– as a central pump
– for recirculation
– as a Feeder to the BIO-MIX pump
– to empty pits
– as a separator feeder

WANGEN Bio-Mix pumps feed all substrates into the digester. It mixes solid and liquid substrates in the pump and pumps the mixture into the dermenter. WANGEN Bio-Mix pumps reliably pump all substrates:
– energy crops
– slurry and manure
– slaughterhouse waste and leftovers
– fruit and vegetable waste
WANGEN Bio-Mix pumps can be combined with all solid matter feeders and macerators:
– push – floor containers
– screw conveyers
– macerators
– vertical mixer feeders
WANGEN Bio-Mix pumps increase the gas yield by pre – mixing the substrates.
WANGEN progressing cavity pumps: top quality for low maintenance and high performance Operation:
– insensitive to impurities
– low – wear
– easy to clean.

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WANGEN Pumps Online References

Our name comes from the company’s head office and main production site, which are located in Wangen in the Allgäu region of Germany. This is our home: in the southern part of Germany where three countries – Austria, Switzerland and Germany – come together at Lake Constance. via Wangen-progressing-cavity-pump

Pure power: Due to the use of cardan joint in our progressing cavity pumps, a key advantage of our philosophy is clear here: Wangen pumps guarantee low-maintenance operation which is practically fault-free. For this reason, we only use top-quality and robust components.

With our immersion pump we get to the bottom of the object. And we do it with an in-depth carefulness, that leaves only a minimum of residues. via

Our 24 h on-call duty offers help in case of any pump failure. Please contact our qualified service team by the following Phone number +49 7522 997-997. You can benefit from the quality of our original WANGEN PUMPEN spare parts.

Using original spare parts from WANGEN PUMPEN, we guarantee the full restoration of the service and performance of our pumps. With decades of skill and experience as a manufacturer, you can rely on our first class manufacturer quality, protecting the long service life of your pumps. via

The modular system for reliable protection of plant equipment. The WANGEN X-UNIT offers a wide range of applications for when foreign bodies and impurities in the conveyed media must be separated out and cutted.

We have developed a new pump especially for hygienic applications. The WANGEN HYLINE, an progressing cavity pump for supply and dosing tasks in the foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. via

Pumps from WANGEN PUMPEN are highly regarded at regional, national and international level thanks to our consistent orientation to market and customer requirements. It is this high esteem in which we are held by our customers that motivates us to preserve, improve and breathe new life into our values day after day.

WANGEN pumps for your biogas productionThe WANGEN processing cavity pump of type GL-F is compactly built. It can be used to achieve high conveyance volumes and counter pressures. Attached to tank trailers, slurry tankers and umbilical hose systems, it is equally suited for mediums with different properties, such as fluid or slow-moving, mash-like, or loaded with solids. via

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flowtrend Inc., an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of high-quality fluid handling equipment, has partnered with Wangen Pumpen, Germany, to distribute their state-of-the-art Hygienic Twin Screw Pump within the United States and Canada. The Hygienic Twin Screw Pump adds to Flowtrend’s already extensive line of products that cover the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

The Hygienic Twin Screw Pump is set to launch for exhibit with Flowtrend at the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta from January 27–29, 2015. Please visit Flowtrend at booth 4951 to learn more. via

Pump Type KB-S WANGEN progressive cavity belongs to product group standard pumps manufactured by Wangen. The main advantage of this concept is to pump small number of parts in the various modules. It translates reliably Media viscosities most diverse. via

The Wangen factory produces eccentric worm damper pumps and hygienic screwdriver pumps. They were founded in 1969 and are located in Wangen im Algäu, Germany.

They are well-known for their high quality and durability. They can be found in many facilities where food and beverages are processed. via

Wangen Pumpen establishes a distribution company in USA. Wangen twin screw pumps meet the series for conveying low-viscosity to highly dewatered sludge.

The Company successfully cooperates with factories in Germany and Italy to obtain the components and spare parts necessary for biogas stations. One of the main cooperation partners is Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH in Germany supplying Wangen pumps and spare parts for Wangen pumps necessary for cogeneration stations for more successful operation of biogas plants serviced by LLC LM Biogas Service. via

Wangen Pumps has introduced the new Wangen Twin 70 screw pump which features hygienic design and low flow rates. The compact pump is ideal for the food & beverage and cosmetics industry. It handles viscous products with flow rates in the 100 l/h – 15 m³/h range.

The Wangen Twin 70 has been designed to handle medium to high viscosity or gaseous products in the 100 l/h – 15 m³/h range. Wangen Twin screw pumps with flow rates up to 40 m³/h and up to 100 m³/h respectively have been in the product portfolio since 2012. The Wangen Twin series features hygienic design in compliance with EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) standards, minimising contamination during production and enhancing system cleanability. via gaccwest.

WANGEN Pumps Summary

Pumps from WANGEN PUMPEN are highly regarded at regional, national and international level thanks to our consistent orientation to market and customer requirements. It is this high esteem in which we are held by our customers that motivates us to preserve, improve and breathe new life into our values day after day.

Whether you need to handle adhesive, abrasive or crumbly material, or require absolute hygiene in food, agriculture, biogas or chemicals: This is when pumps are at their very best. WANGEN pumps combine extremely high robustness and reliability with long life expectancy.The resulting low life cycle costs save both cash and nerves. via expo21xx

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